Jean Monnet Conference “Moldova towards EU`s IPR development”



The Jean Monnet Conference “Development of intellectual property in the EU and Moldova: challenges and perspectives”, was organized on March 12, 2020 by the Henri Capitant Moldova Legal Culture Association.

The purpose of the Conference was to strengthen the understanding and awareness of Moldovan researchers on the development of intellectual property (IP) in the EU and Moldova; to inform and sensitize the representatives of NGOs and civil servants from Moldova on the importance of IP development for the integration and economic growth of Moldova; to analyze the achievements and problems of IP development in the EU and Moldova; to increase the visibility of the research of the Republic of Moldova on issues related to IP protection, etc

The proceedings of the conference were structured on the following panels:

  • Intellectual Property and Competition: Interference and Challenges
  • Intellectual property and creative industries
  • European integration and intellectual property protection

The Conference was attended by representatives of public authorities, stakeholders from higher education institutions, including representatives of research organizations, representatives of the business environment and young researchers.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in:
1) Easter European Journal of Regional Studies/EEJRS  (indexed in DOAJ, CEEOL,, Index Copernicus, ERIHPLUS și RePEc). For more information –

2) CSEI Working Papers, (indexed in RePEc, DOAJ și CEEOL). For more information –

The working languages were: Romanian, Russian, English.

“Due to the situation generated by COVID-19, the conference was postponed for a later date. All registered persons will be additionally notified about the new date of the conference. Thank you for understanding”

– Photos and screenshots from the event can be seen here –